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Welcome to the West Wind Whitetails & Deer Scents home on the web. We are a family owned and operated business and have been raising Whitetails and collecting deer scents since 1986.

Our deer scents/deer lures have all been successfully field tested by avid hunters, sports writers and ordinary bow and rifle hunters alike. I don't advertise nationally in magazines, or work big sport shows. I keep overhead costs as low as possible and can offer a 4-oz. bottle, pint, quart, or gallon of quality scent at an affordable price.

Our whitetail deer scents are custom-made right here in Pennsylvania, not massed produced in a factory like many other products on the market today. We are in business to help you succeed in your hunt, applying over 25 years of deer raising and deer scent collecting experience.

Ava Whiteman, 12-years old, harvested this monster buck on January 9th, 2017, on the last day of the second archery season in the Slims Lease area of Pennsylvania. She used "Doe-In-Heat P" to attract the buck.
doe P deer lure doe in heat deer lure dominant buck P deer scent
When the bucks are setting up their breeding territories, they "P" in the ground scrapes. The idea is to enter his territory with a different dominate buck "P". He will be back to do battle with the intruding buck. This whitetail deer scent can also be considered a sexual attractant.
This is an excellent cover and curiosity scent. In the early archery season when the bucks are still grouped together and not in the breeding mode, this deer scent is very effective.
DOE IN HEAT "P" is a deer scent that will actually cause a buck to "TRACK YOU DOWN", and that is the name of the game. This deer lure contains the doe's pheromones which drive a buck crazy. This is a sexual attractant. Using this deer scent too early in the season may cause does to shy away cause they know the bucks will be chasing them.
We have increased our herd size over the years to keep up with our deer scent demand but we keep strict care to not overpopulate to the point that I personally cannot keep track of quality control.

We don't use the cement slab type of collection, where the urine and droppings all run together. When we collect deer scent we use an elevated pen with a perforated floor. The perforations in the floor keep the droppings on top and allows the urine to drain through.

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