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Photo Gallery & Testimonials

Dave from Oil City, PA
Gary Slater, 8-pt. 16.5" Spread
Big 8-pt., 2014
Kansas 8-pt.
PAUL, I thought you would like to see a couple of bucks I harvested this year using West Wind Doe in Heat “P” and doe “P”. The first buck a 6x7 came in with 20” ten point and a 14” 7 point all three following a doe which followed a scent line I put down using doe “P”. I also used doe “P” in a mock scrape I started 25 yards up the deer trail. The second buck was arrowed in NY. I put down a trail using your Doe in Heat “P” This large doe hit the scent line and followed it to within ten yards of my tree stand. The 9 point was tending her and kept out to about 15 yards. He followed her in and I grunted and he stopped in my shooting lane. 2 bucks down! PS. The PA. buck had split brow tines and split G2, I watched him all summer and named him the split tine buck. He green scored 168 3/8.
Hi Paul, Thought you might like to see what was sniffing at your “Doe In Heat” “P” right before he was drilled with my arrow this morning at 7:00am. The spread on this buck was 18” and it weighed 140lbs. after I dressed it out. This is the largest size deer and largest rack buck I have taken with a bow. Thanks for the extra sample bottles of the “Doe In Heat” “P”. It really made a difference for me this morning.
- Dan.
16" spread, 10 point. He was taken on a Wednesday, the week before Thanksgiving. It was 12 degrees that morning with 20 mile sustained wind gusts. Spent about 5 hours in the stand that day before drilling him. I had a doe decoy out about 20 yards hosed down with "doe in heat". Held his attention long enough to get an arrow in him!!!
16" spread 9 point. I took him the last week of archery season. He followed a doe in, she was standing in my scrape, he never made that far!! Pass through, double lung, he made it about 10 steps, never knew what hit him, and fell over!!
164 gross, 20-inch Kansas monster
Russell City area - Cheyenne's buck!
Rifle hunter in Elk County
Jason Silvaggi, Kinzua Dam kill
Paul: 165 lb 8pt 19" inside spread came in this am to scent wicks shot at 90 yards. northern NY Adirondacks area that doesn't hold a ton of deer. had 3 scent wicks out. wasn't in stand 45 minutes. Thank you hoping to connect on something bigger during Mass bow 2 more weeks to go. Craig Wardle
Dear West Wind Whitetails, I have been using your products for about ten years with great results. I have also recommended your Doe "P" to my friends. However, nothing compares to yesterday's results. I brought this bruiser in twice in one day using your Doe "P". I missed him in the morning and while hunting in the same area that evening, he just couldn't resist and came in again. This time my aim was true. I was already a faithful customer and now I am a very satisfied one! Sincerely, Rick Manelick Warren, PA
Two bucks!
Steve, McKean County
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